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New Review! Enchantress (Giver of Life Trilogy #2) by Kristy Centeno 4 Cranky Stars

Enchantress (Giver of Life Trilogy, #2)Enchantress by Kristy Centeno
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Where to start with this book. Like book one, book two was a bit on the slow side. Though I must add I’m glad I didn’t have to go back to behavioral health class for this book. I can say I enjoyed this second installment more than the first. It was slow, but not as drudgingly slow as the first. I still prefer a bit of a faster pace with the story plot.

Leah in this second installment is out to find out about her past and who she truly is. Some unexpected discoveries at the end of the first book left her with lots of unanswered questions. I still enjoy her character and she self-determination. The author has stayed true to her personality throughout the books, but one thing Leah does is fall in love really fast. A little unrealistically fast, but hey… I suppose it can happen. She moved on kind of fast from Brandon in my opinion.

Here we enter Jae. (Can I just point out I have had a hard time with the chosen names in this book). Took me forever to figure out the Leah was pronounced Lee-Ah and not Lay-Ah. Also Leonel… that was an odd spelling and I spent about twenty minutes going back and forth with its pronunciation as well. Just so everyone knows it’s Line-Al not Leon- el. Okay back to Jae… Jay.) Jae was an unexpected character. Thought at first I was hesitant to allow him into my heart because let’s all just take a second to remember sweet loving Brandon, I ended up falling hard for this character. Brandon got forgotten about for a huge part of this story. It was kind of sad really, cause I was rooting for him and Leah. They had a great connection. But there is no connection like that of true love. And this is where my comment comes in with Leah. She was ready to fall for Brandon. She was running away, leaving him behind for his intended because it hurt her too much to see him love another when she was falling for him. But insert Jae and all those feelings for Brandon instantly vanish and Jae is all she sees. This stud of an Asian god like male enchanter won Leah over instantly with his quick thinking, charming, and witty personality.

I can’t give too much more away, but I was in tears by the end of this book, which is surprising for me. I don’t cry often. Jae stole my heart for sure and then he broke it. Damn him. I didn’t see that coming and bravo for the author for catching me off guard.

I am glad that the vampire presence in this book was not there. It worked much better without it. I think those characters could be eliminated altogether and this story would still work. I still give it a 4 out of 5 star. The overuse of names is still hugely present in this book as well. It got to a point that I started overlooking the character’s names to continue the reading. It’s not realistic to constantly be saying someone’s name. It just doesn’t happen that often. I look forward to book three to see what happens. I’m curious to see where Leah is headed now.

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