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New Review! Heaven's Rejects Volume 1 by Avelyn Paige 4 Cranky Stars

Heaven's Rejects MC Vol. 1 (Heaven's Rejects Bundle)Heaven's Rejects MC Vol. 1 by Avelyn Paige
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars (overall)

2 stars book 1 Sins of the Father

Raze has his work cut out for him after his father dies at the hands of a rival MC. No one will miss the old bastard but he sure left a mess behind. Now it's up to Raze and his brothers at the club to right the wrongs left by his father and make the club something to be proud of. After saving Rubie and the club he hopes that the ghost of his father quits riding in.

This book moved so fast I felt like I got whiplash. By the time it was done I was left with more questions than answers and scratching my head.

4 stars book 2 Heaven Sent

Hero is the club VP since Brent aka Jagger was brutally murdered. They're at war with their rivals when Dani saves the day. Hero's demons run deep it they seem to dissapear when she's around.

Dani is running from a past that's scarier than any big bad biker. When she slams into Hero sparks fly while trust is nowhere to be found. She can hold her own though and she does save herself frequently.

3 stars book 3 Angel's and Ashes

Who can you trust if you cant even trust those closest to you? Raze is in a world of hurt and danger is descending upon the Heavens Rejects, all because of him. Now he has to clean house and protect the families and the brothers.

Darci is still pissed at the club and Raze because of her husbands murder. She knows he was murdered but no one will tell her what happened, especially not Raze. She hates him with every fiber of her being yet is oddly attracted to him.

When Sh*t hits the fan and Raze issues the lockdown Darci won't be sent away. She want answers and shes going to stick to Raze like glue until she has them. Even if her traitorous body wants to stick to him naked and cant stop fantasizing about him, she tries to resist. But resistance is futile when all of his hard pains and touch, solid edges are right there for the taking.

Overall Thoughts:

At the beginning this series was hard to follow. There was so much going on that it was hard to keep up. Then it feels like a huge chunk of the book is missing. All of a sudden Raze is married with kids and the club filled with new people and several chapters. By the third book most of my questions get answered yet I still feel like I'm left scratching my head.

This is not your down and dirty, rough and tumble, take no crap MC series. The bikers tend to bow down to their women way too much so it's almost like it's the PG-13 version of a MC series, which is ok, just not my style.

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