Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Review! The Savage Wild by Roxie Noir 4.5 Cranky Stars

The Savage WildThe Savage Wild by Roxie Noir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

Is plane crash survivors roughing it in the wild a sub genre? Well If not it should be because it’s now my favorite thanks to Roxie Noir.

Imogen is the quirky nerd girl who captured the eye of the big fish football player named Wilder. It was a secret affair they had but Imogen was just happy to have his attention. He never told anyone because image was everything to him. When he commits the ultimate betrayal Imogen flees their tiny town and makes a new life for herself. Flash forward 10 years later and she’s trying to make a flight for a research expedition. She is researching musk oxen in the wild seriously rutting musk oxen. In walks Wilder to hopefully help her out and while her reaction is to run far away she’s determined to get a flight.

Wilder has always secretly had a thing for Imogen using her behind his cheerleader girlfriends back his feelings become way deeper than he intended. When he betrays her and breaks Imogens heart and her trust he laughs. 10 years later he is going through the motions using girls to forget about her. When he comes into the airport and sees Imogens face he wants to break her down like she broke him. He agrees to help her get to her connecting flight but tragedy strikes. Now he’s just trying to get her to safety.

I will admit I kind of hated Imogen for being the side piece as she called herself. I get why she did and she had a reason but all in all girl think better of yourself. She’s a smart intelligent girl. Wilder was a douche plain and simple yet I believe he truly loved Imogen in his own way. The Savage Wild had a lot of mystery and love and some steamy sexy times between Imogen and Wilder.

I don’t hate Wilder anymore FYI his teenage self-angered me. Boys!! That scene with the photos in the airport killed me. I was laughing and seriously felt second hand embarrassment for Imogen. One thing that bothered me was the fact that she had all this equipment and even mentioned a laptop and she had no kind of satellite type service to email for help. I guess because she was going to a facility it wasn’t needed. This isn’t my first book by Roxie Noir in fact I just recently binged her Dirtshine series and when I seen this book come up I jumped at the chance. I love her writing and her stories. They suck me in and keep me going. I just had to get to the bottom of why these two did what they did to each other. I will now need a list of plane crash romance books to feed my addiction. Thanks Roxie!!

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