Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New Review! Ink Slapped (Ink Slapped #1) by A.M. Jones 4 Cranky Stars

Ink SlappedInk Slapped by A.M. Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Ink Slapped is what happens when you’re an author and your fictional world collides with your reality. When Taylor locked eyes on Eli at a bar she knew he was the physical embodiment of her character Jaxon. When she works up the nerve to leave him her card to ask him to pose for her next cover she just assumed he would never call her. He’s a musician she’s a shy writer. Why would he help her?

Taylor was very bold but very shy and had a very skewed view of relationships. I mean Adrian treated her like a doormat and her best friend wasn’t any better. It was like he wanted her to fail. She was successful in a lot of ways but getting her name out there wasn’t easy. To supplement her income, she also does photography. Eli fronts a band that seems to be struggling since the previous lead singer went on to make her career better. He lives on the money he makes from his business as a mechanic. His manipulative wife named Madison, with whom he was separated from, waltzed back into his life when she needed something. When she sees his relationship with Taylor she turns into a blackmailing witch.

I liked this book but at times I felt I needed a white board with a graph on it. It was so much back and forth between these two. It was like why can’t y’all just quit each other?

I know the heart wants what the heart wants. I just wanted them to sit down and say hey Madison is doing this or I’m going to do that. A lot of the books problems would have been solved had they just did that. I think some people will view this book as a hard no for the dynamic of the relationships. While I can see all the ways it would be acceptable I know many won’t see it this way. I think this is a pretty good story all in all and I can’t wait for book two which I hope is a conclusion.

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