Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New Review! Errant Spark (Elemental Trials #1) by Ronelle Antoinette 5 Cranky Stars

Errant Spark (Elemental Trials, Book 1)Errant Spark by Ronelle Antoinette
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This is a fantastic start to what will hopefully be a great series. It has the usual start that gave me a sense of déjà vu. Dark stormy night, a baby is born, no one knows who the father is, the mother won’t tell and then the mother dies. Was hooked right then and there.

The Tora of Egalion is heavy with child and her oldest daughter is worried. Against her mother’s wishes she sends for Kvinna Vassi at the Cyrilan Temple who is a midwife and apothecary. In the meantime, the Tora’s brother, High Mage Eryk and his former apprentice Jex Xander arrive from the Tower. When they learn that the midwife is in route, Jex is sent to intercept and keep her safe. Little does anyone know that the midwife’s apprentice is accompanying her and Jex falls hard when he sees her. Being a Battlemage has not helped him mature in any way and Kvinna Vasi has her hands full with him on the long trip back to the castle.

Suddenly, Jex falls ill and no medications help him. This world has magic both good and bad and therein lies the problem. Who has cursed the young battlemage or is it a pox from his loose way with women. The whole family dynamic at the Castle is full of lies and secrets.

The suspense makes this a page turner that can’t be put down. I was lucky to already have Book 2 in my possession so on I went. Who needs sleep anyway?

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