Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New Review! Honor (SEAL'D #1) by Andi Jaxon 4 Cranky Stars

Honor (SEAL'ed #1)Honor by Andi Jaxon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

This is book 1 in a three book series I would come to enjoy. I would like to add a disclaimer here- these books contain graphic language, sex and alternative life styles. If you aren’t comfortable with that, don’t even start this series. I am giving this book 4 stars simply because I loved the characters and storyline but feel the sex scenes could be toned down a little.

This is a story of unrequited love. Logan met Katie years ago but she only had eyes for his best friend Ryan. When Ryan married Katie, Logan (aka Cowboy) honored his Navy Seal Band of Brothers Code and stayed away from Katie. Unfortunately, a tragedy occurred Logan took that code of honor a step further.

Several years have gone by and now Logan is looking for Katie. He finds her in the bar they all hung out at in the beginning. We also meet a whole cast of loyal friends who play a pivotal role in this relationship. At first, only a chosen few know about Logan’s past with Ryan. As his feelings for Katie become stronger, he struggles with the fear that she will leave him if she hears the truth. Everything comes to a head at what is supposed to be a relaxing weekend at her parents’ beach house. It is here that the depth of love between all these individuals is revealed.

I was so absorbed in this story that I couldn’t put it down. The characters are likeable and real. If only everyone could experience relationships this strong.

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