Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New Review! Beauty's Cursed Beast (Cursed Beauty #2) by Mary E. Twomey 3 Cranky Stars

Beauty's Cursed Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (Cursed Beauty Book 2)Beauty's Cursed Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Mary E. Twomey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

This book had me scratching my head on numerous occasions. I wanted to like it so much. I absolutely love a fairy tale retelling but when that retelling is its own story. This one ran too parallel to the original it kind of bothered me and I don't think that is quite ok to do. I mean names weren’t that far off from the original characters and their lives were the same except Adam was a mortgage mogul and Belle was a home health nurse. Two words puppy chow.

Adam was a playboy through and through complete with his own castle and the ability to strip people of their inhibitions. Excellent gift to have for a 20-year-old rich boy. When he mocks an ex queen he is cursed to change into a dog (lupine) on his 30th birthday. All his friends have abandoned him except for one who hires a home health nurse to bring him back to the land of the living.

Belle seeks out the castle of renowned playboy Adam. He is holding her father in his dungeon over a mortgage dispute. She bargains for his return and hires on as Adams nurse and housekeeper. When she starts noticing little odd things like talking furniture she thinks she too has gone mad. Belle isn’t one to back down though she breaks through Adams walls.

This story was like Beauty and Beast and Beastly had a baby. A very weird dog food eating lupine baby. I liked the chemistry between Adam and Belle. I liked how Belle is very bold and won’t back down. I just really wish this story had been retold into its own unique way as a lot of retellings are done. It had its own twists but that’s about all that was different.

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