Thursday, October 11, 2018

New Review! Best Laid Plans L.K. Farlow 5 Cranky Stars

Best Laid PlansBest Laid Plans by L.K. Farlow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I’m sure we can all agree that our teenage selves made some pretty epically bad decisions. Things we thought were right and they came back to bite us in the butt later. Natalie did just that when it came to Alden. Their age difference and booze at play doesn’t make for wise choices but the heart wants what the heart wants at least according to Natalie.

Natalie had grand plans for her life none of them was being a mom much less a single one so soon. She feels she would ruin Aldens life if she told him and since he’s not around it’s ok. She keeps her secret tucked close to her heart not even telling her brother Nate who is Aldens best friend who the father is. When Alden comes breezing back into town to take over a local café that she works at she must now confront her past head on. Alden has always had a soft spot for Natalie. He can’t believe the sexy girl at his job is the same Natalie from his teenage years. When she drops a bomb on him he reacts like anyone would . He works to put aside his anger and animosity to step up to his newfound role as dad to one precious 3 year old named Tatum. He wants to do right by both his girls and he’s going to try very hard.

I really liked Natalie. She had a hard choice to make and I felt at the time she made the right one. Alden is a good book boyfriend he steps right up and becomes the greatest dad. Their chemistry leaps off the page.

There is a great supporting cast in this story and I hope to see Nates story. I’m pretty certain I would love anything L.K. Farlow writes. She writes such real life stories with heart and a hero who would make your heart skip a beat.

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