Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New Review! The Glass Girl (The Demon Door #3) by Kim Alexander 5 Cranky Stars

The Glass Girl (The Demon Door Book 3)The Glass Girl by Kim Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I just love this series. This is the third book in The Demon Door Series. So much happens in each book that it is hard to write a review without spoilers but I think I have managed. As with Books 1 and 2, this book is full of deceit, lies and misunderstandings. It is definitely a page turner from start to finish.

Rhuun and Lelet are back in Eriis for Rhuun to take the High Seat. In doing so, The Chancellor and a young child are whisked off to Mistra. When Lelet is tricked by a face changer to leave Rhuun, she contacts her sister to return her to Mistra. Separated once again, they both become susceptible to intrigue. On Eriis, the High Mage is still after Rhuun and in Mistra an old enemy of Lelet’s family is after her.

As if there wasn’t enough mystery, the Princess has found her brother. He has been missing for the past 20 years since the gate was closed. Something seems off with him and his consort. But, he is given the High Seat as he is the rightful heir. Is anything in this country as it seems? He pushes for a way to open the door and resume trade with Mistra.

Again, we are left with more questions and unresolved issues. Hopefully, book 4 will be along soon.

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