Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Review! Confessions of a Chatterbox (Confessions #2) by Abigail Davies 5 Cranky Stars

Confessions Of A ChatterboxConfessions Of A Chatterbox by Abigail Davies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Oh. My. Heart. This book is in a world of its own and that is the best compliment I can give this book. Ok so maybe I have a million more ways to praise this story, but I’ll let that be it.

Ella is a chatterbox. She talks to hear herself talk. She talks to fill in the silence around her. She’s a freelance designer who was just offered a position to teach a course at the college she attended. Her life in NY is mundane and she’s living for someone else. Someone who needs to come clean about himself, but I digress this isn’t about Chad. Ella is very type A and adores a good list, but she also flies by the seat of her pants. She wasn’t expecting someone like JJ. It’s a relationship she has never experienced and never knew she needed. He quiets her rampant thoughts and makes her forget all about her lists.

JJ is Autistic and a college student who wants to help kids like him. He likes his schedules, lists, plans, Legos and his dad. That is all his life has ever revolved around. He works at the family pet store because let’s be honest human interaction is taxing. He has never experienced anything like Ella. She makes him want to leave his comfort zone. When they become increasingly closer JJ finds himself putting himself out there more even if his social skills are worlds apart from others. He has a good heart and is honest and all that matters.

I adored this book!! I shouted it to whoever would listen. We’ve all seen the hero who might have anxiety or depression but never this level of autism. He’s verbal and he feels but he’s very black and white when it comes to life. Ella is a riot of color and I liked her very much. These two are a match made in heaven. At first I was worried how this story would unfold being it’s very different than what people are used to but it progressed beautifully. I wish I could re read this story and fall in love with them all over again. The chapter confessions made me laugh because hey my wardrobe is also pajama pants and socks!

I will be singing this books praises for a long time. I would highly suggest reading book one to get more insight into Ella and JJ in Violet and Axels story and you’ll see why they are perfect for each other.

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