Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Review! The Crow and The Butterfly (Starlight Falls #3) by Morgan Campbell 5 Cranky Stars

The Crow and The Butterfly (Starlight Falls, #3)The Crow and The Butterfly by Morgan Campbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

The Crow and The Butterfly made my heart drop several times throughout this story. I was cursing Morgan Campbell and pleading that no this isn’t happening I refuse to believe this. This story also makes your heart soar and cheer for Hannah and Landon. Their relationship wasn’t easy but boy oh boy it’s at first built on unrequited love and then some real freaky naughty times and then back to that forever kind of love.

Hannah has always loved Landon the older brother of her best friend. She feels he doesn’t see her in this way until a birthday where no one wishes her good greetings Landon takes charge. Then Landon goes off to war and comes home to unexpected news but sadly that news doesn’t stay happy. Now here they are years later dancing around each other still with major feelings. Hannah feels like something is missing in her life and finds herself at Club Black. It’s here she goes into the seedier kinkier part of the club and finds what she may be missing but it’s not a place she expected to find Landon.

Landon has always felt a pull to Hannah. Her innocence calls to his manly dominate side and he wishes he could explore so many things with her. Alas their time in the sun came with a tragedy neither one expected. Years later his family doesn’t realize he is harboring a secret and these jobs he gets called out on aren't what they thought. Back home he goes to Club Black to release some pent up frustration and sees Hannah. He knows he has to be the one to guide her on this journey of self discovery. They strike up a partnership which of course leads to more.

This book isn’t all kinky times. This book has a heart and a soul under all the handcuffs and paddles. It has mystery and heart stopping moments. There are bad guys and the good guys who try to save their loved ones. I liked Hannah she was very take charge when she needed to be. She knew her feelings and herself I just wish she would have handled certain situations better. I loved Landon plain and simple. He was a man who was confident in himself and those he loved. He had this need to protect everyone even Hannah to a point it made her feel smothered. You get a look at the other couples in Starlight Falls as well. I liked how Slade became a confidant to Hannah. The Crow and The Butterfly is another winner by this talented author.

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