Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Review! Dirty Daria (Dirty Darlings #2) by Denise Wells 4 Cranky Stars

Dirty Daria (Dirty Darlings, #2)Dirty Daria by Denise Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

This book was like juggling. Four different POVs and a plot to keep track of. I assumed that each book would be focused on a couple but that wasn’t the case with Dirty Daria. Here we follow Mack, Daria, Quinn and Reed who we met in the novella Dirty Ex-Mas. You need to read that one to follow along with this one. It sets up the premise of the novels it seems.

Mack and Reed are federal agents tracking Reeds now former best friend David who was accused of some pretty nasty stuff. Things that make your skin crawl but David acts like it’s something he had to do to pay a debt instead of I don’t know getting a loan or something. Thrown into the mix is Daria who is more femme fatale and not on the right side of the law and Quinn the hapless goofy best friend. Everyone is invested in seeing David brought to justice no matter which way it goes except for Quinn she just wants to be part of a group. Seriously Quinn is flighty and changes jobs like we change underwear. A multitude of things go down and Reed spirals out of control and treats Quinn like garbage and Mack and Daria explore the possibility of an us despite their jobs.

I really tried to like Quinn, but she was just too much all over squirrel thoughts for me. I had a hard time tracking her chapters. I know she meant well, and she wanted to help and belong and in her own strange way she did. I wasn’t sure if this book was meant to be funny but serious. If Quinn was there for some sort of comedic relief or I don’t know to prove to us that she is a useful character? Regardless I guess this book has something for everyone and did veer into dark romance territory at the end. If you like good guys and bad girls and dark romance tossed in with a side of humor then maybe Dirty Daria is for you.

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