Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Review! I've Got This (Joy Universe #1) by Louisa Masters 4 Cranky Stars

I've Got This (Joy Universe, #1)I've Got This by Louisa Masters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

I can only give this story 4 stars. It is a well written love story that takes place at the second largest amusement park in the country. The concept is a good one, but the characters are just mediocre. This writer in my opinion based these characters on stereotypes and not actual people. I don’t care if it’s a story involving gays, lesbians or heterosexuals but don’t be so blatant. I don’t think the LGBT community is this outlandish and it’s rude to portray them this way. For instance, our main character is the Assistant Director of this section of the park. He is good looking, well dressed and well liked. However, he constantly tells people how good he is and how hard he works to make people like him. When someone acts like they don’t care for him he gets all defensive. I don’t believe this is realistic.

The story starts out with a crisis and Derek rushes to the scene. It messes up his whole schedule at the park. Seems his assistant does all the work, he just looks nice, and tells Dimi what he wants and Dimi jumps. At least, he acknowledges that he needs to promote Dimi. A second crisis occurs, and they now have no actors for the shows for the next couple of days. They scramble to bring in actors from the other parks and the show in Joyville Village.

Along comes Trav from the Joyville Village show. As soon as Derek sees him, he wants him. However, Trav has had a bad history with the good looking, well-dressed jock types in high school and wants nothing to do with Derek. Problem- stereotyping, maybe, Trav is a dancer so he is automatically gay and someone for Derek to hit on. Not necessarily! When he snaps at Derek and walks away, Derek spends the next hours and days trying to figure out why he is hated by Trav. Afterall, “I work so hard at making people love me.”

Once we get back to the storyline, it’s a good story. It’s too bad I couldn’t enjoy it fully.

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