Tuesday, February 4, 2020

New Review! Torn Bond (Bonded Duet #1) by Abigail Davies 4 Cranky Stars

Torn Bond (Belle & Ford: Easton Family Saga) (Bonded Duet #1)Torn Bond (Belle & Ford: Easton Family Saga) by Abigail Davies
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

I haven’t read the Easton Family Saga series prior to this but I think it can carry on its own unless you like the background story on the family itself. I will say the first half of this book was just ok for me and it seemed slow. Belle was 20 and I get that she wanted to be treated like an adult and do her own things but when your dad is DEA and undercover often you have to concede your freedom in order to be safe but not Belle though she’s as stubborn as they come. She also did carry a torch for one of her dad’s team members Ford. This is where the age gap romance comes in because you see while she’s soon to be 21 Ford is 40, I think he might have been a tad younger or older so it’s now taboo and we can’t let daddy know. When she walks into a club, she doesn’t realize she just placed herself and Ford in the path of a murdering drug cartel boss. You see where this book is going? When it’s suggested she leaves the college apartment she shares with her best friend she refuses and in comes Ford. Ford knows the relationship is wrong heck he watched Baby Belle grow up, but he’s drawn. He’s also determined to keep her safe but keeping her at a distance is something he can’t do. The book for me became interesting at like the 60 percent mark and at that point I flew through the rest. I felt for Belle and Ford. I felt their triumphs and their losses.

Like I said it made me want to read book two with that ending. I just hope it gives us some closure and answers. I’m not upset that I wanted to quit because of that second half. I’m not sure I trust Curtis but that’s also to be determined. I just hope that ending isn’t true. So yeah if you like cops, age gap, and college romances with a cute puppy then this might be your book. I would say wait till both are out because you are going to want that second book handy.

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