Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New Review! Lights Out: Bringer of Chaos by Kayelle Allen 4 Cranky Stars

Lights Out: Bringer of ChaosLights Out: Bringer of Chaos by Kayelle Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I loved this story because it is a mixture of Sci-Fi and Dystopia. However, it doesn’t tell you in the beginning there are other books in this series. It works as a stand-alone but would have made more sense if I had read some of the other books. Also, it is very short. Takes about an hour to read unless you read really, really slow. Kindle won’t tell me the number of pages.

Earth is warring with a race called Ultras. Our hero is Tornahdo, an enhanced human called a Ghost. He was reborn and has incredible strength. Other than that, this review would be a total spoiler so let me just be quick. The leader of the Ultra’s has been captured and he is cursed to have to guard the containment pod he is in. The rest makes for a fast-paced story. Very entertaining and I’ll look for the other books in this series. It sounds very interesting.

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