Tuesday, March 9, 2021

New Review! Bride of the Frontier (The Prophecy of Sisters #3) by Hayley Faiman


Bride of the Frontier (The Prophecy of Sisters #3)Bride of the Frontier by Hayley Faiman
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4 Cranky Stars

Birdie Collins is a photographer, enjoying her single life, when her two sisters go missing. She starts out to find them and soon finds herself alone in the middle of the hot Arizona desert. When she awakens in a strange bed with a beautiful man straight out of the Old West staring down at her, she knows that the life she had is over.

Colton James is a former military man, now tasked with being the King of the Frontier. He was married once but vows to never love again. These two soon find out that there is an ancient prophecy that involved Birdie and her sisters. "If the four sisters come together once their fate has been sealed, they will absorb all of the power this world holds."

Birdie is introduced to a witch named Florence who tells her, "You're full of magic, dear girl." But Birdie knows nothing of magic or prophecy. Birdie and Colt are irrestibly drawn to each other and a hot and steamy love affair begins. Is this all part of the prophecy or just plain lust?

Birdie just wants to find her sisters and go home, not fulfill some ancient prophecy. "This place kind of sucks and I'm pretty ready to go back home." Her experience with corsets is laugh out loud funny as she nearly starves to death because of the fashion of the day.

This book is reminiscent of Outlander because of the time-travel aspect and the instalust. If you are offended by cursing (lots of f-bombs) or hot steamy sex scenes, steer clear of this book. If you enjoy fantasy, the Old West, magic, and steam, give it a try.

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