Tuesday, April 27, 2021

New Review! Grave Robbing and Other Hobbies (Grave Consequences #1) by Jayce Carter


Grave Robbing and Other HobbiesGrave Robbing and Other Hobbies by Jayce Carter

4 Cranky Stars

This book had a lot going on. I know there are four guys with their sights set on Ava and that they are trying to track an absolute evil entity, but it was still a lot. The juggling of men and then trying to find out who she really was and tell the story so at times I was unsure what was happening. I like reverse harem books and I’m guessing that is what this is. Yet I did enjoy this story and the characters in it.

Ava is certain her only skill is she can see and talk to the dead. Unlike say a medium she can go a little more in depth with the dead. She lives an insanely normal life, and she likes it that way heck she even chose a job that is the epitome of boring as an insurance salesman. She has no romantic prospects, and her only friend seems to be Gran and possibly Troy next door. One night a vampire shows up, then a hellhound (who is human passing) a mage and Troy. This is where her life takes a turn and she’s now chasing evil with these men by her side. Yes, there is attraction but who Is Ava supposed to be with and how will she defeat the mist?

Ava is a real character. She has the spunk and the smart mouth, and she seems human. I’m assuming this book was more world and story building than anything. There were some spicy parts that made me want to grab a fan. Lawd have mercy. I really like Troy and Hunter. I do hope Kase and Grant can redeem themselves. All in all, a solid introduction to a new world where I hope everything comes together and Ava gets her answers.

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