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New Review! Westernville (Echoes of New York #5) by Jordan Elizabeth 3 Cranky Stars


Westernville (Echoes of New York Book 5) by Jordan ElizabethWesternville (Echoes of New York Book 5) by Jordan Elizabeth by Jordan Elizabeth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

Alice has been afraid of the woods for as long as she can remember, but does not know why. Alice has been sickly and they moved to the country so she could get better. Alice had older and younger siblings. They did have neighbors but they were that close. There’s a General, General Tallmadge and he has a granddaughter who is also sickly and will be moving to his farm. Her name is Betsy. Another neighbor is The MacLachlans. They have issues with Alice's family thinking that they just want to have more and more. The MacLachlans son, Vernon, likes to wander off and Alice and one of her brother’s, Lester, saw him one day and took him home. Vernons mom thought they were trying to take him and got upset. Alice and Lester left and went home. That night, Vernons mom was out in front of Alice’s house screaming like a witch telling them to give her Vernon back. They tell her they do not have him but she keeps on. She curses them telling them that everyone of them will die one by one until her Vernon is returned to her.

Storms come and when lightning strikes someone dies in Alice’s family. 3 people die then one day the MacLachlans house burns down but the husband doesn’t make it out. Alice’s family offers to bury him and Flossie, Vernon's mom, give them a ten year reprieve.

Ten years later General Tallmadge has passed and his grandson has taken over his farm. Betsy is at the farm but still sick. Alice goes and stays at the farm to visit Betsy and meets Betsy's brother. When they go to town, they learn that Flossie is back…….What’s to happen now? Did they ever find Vernon? Will more of Alice’s family die because of the curse?

The book was good but it didn’t really have a lot of suspense or even romance or comedy. It was like “let’s give you a short background and get straight to it”. It needed more. There really wasn’t a plot. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone to else.

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