Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Review! The Wise One (The Scottish Scrolls #1) by K.T. Anglehart 4 Cranky Stars


The Wise One (The Scottish Scrolls, 1)The Wise One by K.T. Anglehart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Everyone seems like they are out of place, like they don’t fit in or belong. For McKenna, she really didn’t belong. She thought it was because she had two dads. Nope. McKenna is special. She is a super being born and reborn, known as The Wise One. She doesn’t know it at first. She is just turning 18yrs old and of course that’s when everything starts to happen. She meets a friend, Nissa who helps her along her way along with some faeries, water horse, and other mythical beings. She also meets a gentle by the name of Cillian whom she is weary about at first then grows to like. He is working for the High Priestess who wants McKenna to know who she is and was so that some sacred scrolls can be read and McKenna can fulfill the prophecy. McKenna must also find her mother, Abby who is also very special. Together they are to fulfill the prophecy. McKenna goes to Ireland to try to find her mother. She ends up at Ballycastle where she meets Esme who helps her find and control some of her powers. McKenna eventually learns to Astral Project and finds her mom who tells her to come to her.

What happens next???? Not sure but I’d like to find out when the book comes out. I would recommend this book, it's good once it gets going and keeps you guessing.

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