Tuesday, June 15, 2021

New Review! His Haven by Harper A. Brooks 3 Cranky Stars


His HavenHis Haven by Harper A. Brooks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

This book didn’t really hold my attention very well. It was very predictable for me. It was way half past when I got a little more interested in what was happening. I would say read at own risk if recommended.

Haven is a human girl that has been “taken” in by Lord Henri. Lord Henri is a vampire who believes that Haven is basically his ex-lover re-incarnated. Haven despises everything Henri is and his kind. Henri feeds on Haven, buys her jewelry and dresses and shows her off at parties. Haven tries to or wants to run every chance she gets. Haven's father is still alive and Henri promises to leave him alone as long as Haven behaves.

Lord Henri has asked Avrum, a young vampire that he turned to be Haven's ward. To make sure she stays safe and does not try to run off. Avrum agrees. Avrum is also taken by Haven. He feels things when he is near her. Avrum knows though that he can not have her or touch her because she is Lord Henri’s.

Lysander is also a vampire that lives in the same household and he decides to help Avrum and Haven escape. Lysander is an excellent swordsman. They all come up with a plan and things roll. There are some hitches but what plan is ever perfect. Will they get away? Will they get caught? Read it to find out.

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