Thursday, September 30, 2021

New Review! Hunt the Storm by Cassie Swindon 4 Cranky Stars


Hunt the StormHunt the Storm by Cassie Swindon

4 Cranky Stars

Picked up where it left off. Raelyn, Kody, Raelyn’s brother and Kodys sister are all on the plane headed to Afghanistan to look for Raelyn’s mom. Now they are all there. Been there for a couple of weeks already and still waiting in a hut. Raelyn is getting impatient. She wants to move but Kody is continuously telling her to wait. One night she finally gets up in the middle of the night, grabs her brother, steals the town jeep and takes off.

Raelyn’s brother, his name is Liam by the way, takes them straight to where their mom is. Things didn’t turn out the way Raelyn thought though. Raelyn’s mom wouldn’t even acknowledge her. Raelyn finally told her mom to stop pretending. Her mom finally told her she is not her daughter because her daughter is dead.

One Raelyn mom found out that she was free; she took her son, Liam, and left saying she would come back for Raelyn and left her. Raelyn and another girl got caught and is now being paraded around. Cali is in the same place and Kody is there but locked up.

Cali’s freedom gets bought and they are escorted out. Kody escapes and sees Cali and the guy. They are at an army base getting checked over. Raelyn is still in enemy hands. Her mother is playing both sides. Raelyn tries to escape at every chance. Her mother tries to get rid of her at every chance but Raelyn is stubborn and keeps trying to save her mom as well. Kody and Cali keep trying to save Raelyn. So they all keep getting caught and then “spit back out.”

Raelyn finally got away. Kody found both her and Cali. One of the bad guys threw a bomb that was meant for Raelyn but he hit his own sister instead and then he pulled out another bomb and blew himself up. A big chunk of metal went into Raelyn stomach. Kody grabbed her and Cali and they went as fast as they could to the military base. Raelyn is now recovering and her and the baby are fine. Kody was happy to hear that. They all went home and Kody asked Raelyn to marry him, she said YES.

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