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New Review! Stop the Clock (Golden Chains #3) by Cassie Swindon


Stop the Clock (Golden Chains #3)Stop the Clock by Cassie Swindon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

Still in hiding. Raelyn and Cody are once again in the middle of it all. Raelyn is even more pregnant, still in her own feelings wondering who the real father is of her child. She is still looking for the evidence that will get Zohaib locked up for good. Her and her brother go out in a storm and get separated. Raelyn finds the first person she’s looking for but he doesn’t have what she’s looking for. She has to stay there for a month or so because of the storm. Once the storm settles the gentleman takes Raelyn to the next person and she finds the trunk she’s looking for but no usb with proof.

Meanwhile, Cody was taken and has to work for Zohaib. It takes awhile but he gets rescued and goes back home. He keeps trying to reach Raelyn and can’t. He leaves her messages and texts her. Raelyn finally finds out Kody is home and she rushes to see him. Together again but guess what……they need to leave again. Where do they go…….

They went to Phoenixes parents house. Raelyn still isn’t sure who is the father of the baby, plus her mom Joanna sent them money to help protect Raelyn. They got there and it was one drama after another drama. They did get the help they needed though and a place to stay, but not for long. Zohaib found them again. They got away and ended up at a hotel. Then Raelyn and Cali ended up being taken AGAIN. They got strapped with bombs and separated. One taken to one place and the other another place. Zohaib put up a video, a live stream and told Kody he could only save one.

Kody had a team going to his sister Cali and he and Joanna were on their way to Raelyn. Both girls were saved. Both the bombs were strapped to a vest and on each girl. They took the vest off and one person ran towards the woods and threw it and it exploded. The person who saved Cali, Tucker, didn't make it away in time and died.

Zohaib went to where Raelyn was and he was beating her and one of his soldiers was whipping her. Raelyn has a syringe filled with something and she stuck it in Zohaib and it paralyzed him. She ran. People were fighting. Something caught fire and blew up and it shook the ground, even split it. Joanna found Raelyn and Raelyn was going into labor. She tried to help Raelyn and Zohaib, once again made his way to her. Joanna grabbed an axe and drove it into Zohaibs leg the pulled it out and drove it into his chest and over and over again into his face. He was gone. Then Joanna told Raelyn it was time for her to go and she set herself on fire. Joanna was gone as well.

Raelyn was still in labor and the baby was coming. She let out a loud blood curling scream and screamed for Kody. Kody found her and helped deliver the baby. He went to find help. Then he passed out. They all made it to the hospital. Kody had to have surgery to save his life and he pulled through. Raelyn had her baby, a girl, Amala. They bought the farm house that she used to live in and everyone is comfortable.

This book was pretty good. I’m glad it ended because that Zohaib guy was a nut. He just wouldn’t stop.

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