Tuesday, February 1, 2022

New Review! Break the Stone by Cassie Swindon 5 Cranky Stars


Break the Stone (Golden Chains #1)Break the Stone by Cassie Swindon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This book was good. It kept me interested from beginning to end. Where it stopped at was perfect too. Now we just need to read the next book.

Raelyn and her father live on a farm and are just trying to live their life. One night Raelyn’s father tells her they are leaving now! No real explanation grabs what he knows he wants and tells Raelyn to come on and go. Raelyn, like any teenager would, questions her father and tries to convince him they can stay and they can come back because she doesn’t want to leave. Raelyn’s father tells her no, to get in the truck. Raelyn doesn’t understand and her father is reluctant to tell her the truth.

Raelyn’s mom was a journalist and according to her dad, she died while on assignment by car bomb, but Raelyn didn’t know that until now. Her father thinks that they are safe for now with new names, new town. What her dad didn’t expect is for Raelyn to make friends that would help her reveal the truth.

Kody is in the army and his kid sister goes to school with Raelyn. Raelyn first meets Cody at a warehouse while she is investigating trying to find out the truth about her mother. Basically from that point on they had feelings just didn’t show it and Kody became protective of Raelyn.

Eventually the feelings showed and during her investigation Raelyn learned more than she anticipated. She has a brother and her mother is alive. Her brothers “father” is a bad guy and tried to hurt EVERYONE to get what he wanted. You guessed it though, he died, and so did Raelyn’s dad. Now what? Well Raelyn is going to go find her mother. The army has someone keeping tabs on her but Raelyn needs to find her herself. On a plane and off they go. What happens next? I’m about to find out in the next book. This was a good book, kept me reading.

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