Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! Bear Creek Road by L.C. Morgan, 3 Cranky Stars

This book is about second chances at love and finding it with the most unusual people.

Laney is running from a bad past and ends up in a small town across the country from her real home. While trying to restore a cabin, she meets Joe – a rough and tumble ex army guy.

Their meeting is awkward and so is their love affair. Joe redefines the term taciturn and spends large parts of the book communicating through grunts.

This book is a journey to find love and I struggled to connect with it and them. There were some repetitive moments, which I found distracting: it was well-established Joe was bearded and Laney enjoyed crawling across the bed.

Parts were disjointed and I had to backtrack and re-read for clarity.

In saying that, the book had its good moments. It has the potential to be really good and the start of an interesting series.

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