Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Come to Light by Shaniel Watson, 4 Cranky Stars

Cat and Nick have been in love since they were kids. 

In book one, we were introduced to their past history and Cat's family dynamics.  Book two continues the saga. 

This is a train wreck family, full of train wreck people and instances, and it is difficult to look away from.  

It is Jerry Springer and Maury Povich on steroids. There's a bit of Shameless thrown in for good measure and I expected Darth Vadar to pop out proclaiming he was someone's father.

Shaniel Watson can certainly write fiction that is attention grabbing and compelling. 

The book and series is well named. No one is perfect. Certainly not the characters in these works. Grab it. Have a read. Let it be your dirty little secret - like the one time you stayed up and listened to your family get drunk and let loose on the gossip.

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