Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Sweet Addiction by LJ Scar, 4 Cranky Stars

I'm a huge fan of LJ Scar. I think she's an underrated gem. I enjoyed her Solitude Series and loved For The Best.

Sweet Addiction is her foray into the romantic comedy genre and I must say, I enjoyed this one too.

Hayden is a home renovation junkie. She works for a realtors and is way down the food chain. On site for her job, she makes an impulse buy. 

It's cheap. It's in an up and coming neighborhood. She needs to flip it before she goes bankrupt. What could go wrong?

Enter: Beck. He lives across the road from Hayden's new purchase. Let's just say... the house has an 'interesting' history. 

Beck is cocky and confident, but he's a good guy. Hayden is impulsive and a sugar addict.

Among the paint and tiles, the rubble and the ramblings, these two find each other.

This is a glorious, sweet read. It's funny. They have complicated families. They have complicated feelings, but if you're looking for something cute and heartwarming, pick this up.

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