Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Review! Cruel Boundaries by Michelle Horst, 5 Cranky Stars


If you need a warning before reading a book, then this book is not for you. 
+18 ONLY. 

He’s my cousin and I love to hate him. 
He bullies me. 
He tries to break me every chance he gets 
I remind him constantly that he’s adopted. It’s the only weapon I have against him. 




Dark, gritty, and absolutely gripping.

Not everything is what it seems and sometimes, darkness outweighs the light.

Noah and Amy are cousins with a love/hate relationship. In the war between love and hate, more often than not, hate wins.

Noah was adopted, something Amy constantly reminds him of. It chips away at him and when he responds, it is always in kind.

The hatred, however, masks misunderstandings and secrets. Revelations lead to something both never saw coming.

In order not to spoil, this story is about personal growth and survival. It's about finding a love you never thought possible and courage that's buried within.

This is beautiful story: passionate, tragic, and it kept me engrossed from the start to the finish.

Highly recommended.

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