Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! Moonstone Beach by Linda Seed, 3.5 Cranky Stars

Moonstone Beach is the author’s debut novel and she has the potential to be a great.

The story centers around Kate, who has taken over the bookstore her recently deceased mother owned, in Cambria, CA. 

It’s a small community. Everybody knows everybody and everything. It’s also a very popular tourist town.

Kate is a divorcee and is in the dating scene, but without much luck. She has no interest. She has issues, insecurities, and lets people walk all over her. 

Her three closest friends convince her that now is the time to move on and take dating seriously. Spying a hot cover model type guy, they decide he will be perfect for Kate.

Jackson has only lived in town for several years. He is the head chef at the local top restaurant.  He has anger issues and expects things to be perfect in his kitchen (and any other kitchen).  

I pictured him as Gordon Ramsey.  

Jackson has liked Kate from afar since she first moved to the town, but since she is recently divorced, he didn’t want to get involved.  He also has commitment issues and a reputation as a womanizer.

As Kate and Jackson edge closer to one another, things get complicated.

I enjoyed this story. There are lots of laughs and disasters along the way.

There are parts where you can tell this is the author’s debut novel. Parts of the book were overly descriptive. Some events had me scratching my head and wishing that the detailed descriptions had been culled to give more of an explanation as to the characters rationales. 

I will be looking forward to reading future books in this series. This author has a lot of talent and I hope to see her develop it further as her career progresses.

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