Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! Supercharged Love by Jenny Siegel, 4 Cranky Stars

Supercharged Love is the novella that we, as readers, wanted after reading Quarter Mile Hearts so we could know more about Max Morgan.  I would actually recommend reading Supercharged Love before Quarter Mile Hearts, which is told from Leigh Storm’s point of view, if you have not read it already.  

Having read the books as they were written, there really wasn’t anything new to this book. Yes, it was great being inside Max’s head, but I wasn’t left with that five star read I had after reading the other book.  

The author did do a good job in trying not to have the story run parallel to Leigh’s story and this is why I’m able to give it the four star rating.

Max loves cars and racing and we get and understanding of that as well as how he has gotten his manwhore reputation.  

The interaction with his sister and other secondary characters was great getting to know them more.  I am hoping for more in this series with some of these characters or more on what takes place between from when the story ends to where the prologue started is all I can say without giving anything away.  
We know the outcome of with having read Quarter Mile Hearts so it was more of getting to understand Max story that had I read this one first I would have been more glued to my kindle wondering if Max will finally win, since he isn’t used to losing, Leigh over.  

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