Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! What Lies Beneath by Nicole Thorn, 3.5 Cranky Stars

I originally had trouble with this book mainly because of how the sentence structure was laid out. No real complex sentences and I likened it to reading how William Shatner spoke. As the book went on I got into it and the sentence structure was at the back of my mind. 

So in this story we have a story of Mila and Landon and her brother Jax. I was on the fence about Mila the whole time I read this book. I knew this was her life with her brother but she could have been a little more mature about things. She was barely 18 so maybe she did have some things going for her. Her brother seemed dumber than a box of rocks at time but he loved his sister and did anything for her so I admire that. 

Ohhh and let me tell you about the studly vampire with morals! I really loved Landon. I felt bad he was traveling the earth alone for almost 400 years. Hell bent on revenge. He fell instantly for Mila. He had such a strong moral compass holding onto traditions from his human days. There is some action and lots of killing In this book but hey its also a love story. 

Absolutely loved the epilogue. Also bonus points for referencing the 10th Doctors catchphrase! Let's not forget the Carry on my Wayward Son in the beginning because hello I'm a huge Supernatural fan. 

I wonder if Mila was chosen by the author because of the name Mina in the Dacula stories or is this just something I noticed. Good job!!!! 

Once this story gets rolling you will enjoy their adventures. 

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