Friday, May 6, 2016

New Review! You Found Me, Part 1 by Eve Cates, 5 Cranky Stars


After a summer spent in France with her controlling mother, Sage Forrester is returning to New York to marry her long-time beau, Nicolas Billiton. But there's a problem, Sage and Nick don't share much of a...spark. 
Sage wonders if she's incapable of feeling, or if she's just stifled in her life as a princess of the Upper East Side, and the secret she's forced to keep to maintain their extravagant lifestyle. 
All of this changes when a young Australian model by the name of Cameron Wilson steps onto the elevator and takes notice of her. Her heart starts racing. There's electricity. There's a connection. 
And he feels it too. 
After a series of chance encounters pushes them closer and closer together, Sage is forced to make a decision between doing what is expected and following her heart. 
Or will fate have other, much more disastrous, plans?



Gotta say, Eve Cates stepped up to the plate with this new serial. I've read her past one and felt that they were lacking the flow needed for this type of series but rest assured she nailed it with You Found Me.

Sage is a New York socialite who's family is broke. She is set to marry hotel tycoon in training, Nicolas Billiton, to save her family from the poorhouse. 

Love isn't a factor nor does anyone care what Sage wants, until Cameron.

The suspense is killing me as I write this review. I need to know what happens next. Do yourself a favor and purchase the series together. 

This Cranky reviewer is salivating to read part 2.

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