Friday, May 6, 2016

New Review! You Found Me, Part 3 by Eve Cates, 5 Cranky Stars


Part THREE of THREE, the final installment of the new forbidden romance from Eve Cates

Cam’s life has changed in the most unexpected way, and Sage doesn’t know where she fits anymore. In her heart, she knows they’re meant to be together.

The effort will be in convincing Cam of that.

A change in location. A stubborn woman’s heart. A broken man’s fight.

Will they ever find their happily ever after?



I'm very critical when reading serials. They're just not my favorite. I find most lacking in one way or another. This serial is WORTH THE READ. Eve Cates hits a home run.

Sage is left behind. Cameron left and all she got was a goodbye letter.

Cameron is battling his inner demons and thinks he's doing what's best for Sage by letting her go. One problem though, he never asked her what she wanted.

Can these two find a way back to each other?

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this serial. I will be reading it again as I love the characters, flaws and all.

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