Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Review! Crossing the Barrier by Martine Lewis, 4 Cranky Stars


High school student Malakai Thomas, star wide receiver of the varsity team, collides with band member Lily Morgan on his way to football practice. As days go by, Malakai cannot get the petite clarinetist out of his head.

Lily Morgan can feel everyone's emotions. She loses her ability to shield herself against them the day Malakai runs into her. Now she must try to maintain her sanity in the emotional jungle that is high school, as well as deal with her growing feelings for Malakai.

Can Malakai get over the social stigma and his own internal struggle to be with Lily? Is Lily's secret too big to accept, even for him?

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Crossing-Barrier-Gray-Eyes-1/dp/1944940006
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29107100-crossing-the-barrier


Once again I came across a gem. I read this one in seven hours (would have been less if I didn’t have to do real life duties!) and absolutely loved it.

This is a YA romance/paranormal about Lily, a young empath who faces high school drama on a daily basis as well as deals with her own problems at home. Her loving father had died and left their family home in her name. That didn’t sit well with her adoptive mother at all...in fact, her mother absolutely hates her. Having to deal with all those negative emotions everyday as a normal person is hard enough, let alone braving it all as an empath who lost her ability to shield herself against everyone else’s feelings.

Thankfully, Lily has great friends in Sandra and David who were like her rock and anchor during her times of need. I wish I had a friend like Sandra...everyone needs a Sandra in their lives!

Then we meet Malakai, the quarterback who fell in love with our geeky clarinettist.

I have almost forgotten about the paranormal aspect of the story as I was swept away by the numerous turmoil thrown at the young couple. Events and drama kept coming one after the other which seemed intent on tearing the young lovers apart until I just wanted to shout “Stop it! Leave them be!” to the author.

The pacing of the story kept me glued to my ebook reader. The suspense kept me constantly on the edge hoping Lily and Malakai would survive yet another obstacle in their way, only to find myself hanging on for dear life after a very short reprieve. Yet there were also tender moments that warmed my heart and brought a smile or two to my lips.

Then just when I thought the story was finished with a beautiful happily ever after, the author reminded me that this was just the first book of a potentially intriguing paranormal series! WELL! I will definitely watch out for the next book in the series.