Thursday, April 28, 2016

RELEASE and REVIEW -- UNITY by Laura Maisano, 5 Cranky Stars


The fires in Illirin have died down, and the survivors are suffering under Emperor Nor’s tyranny. Unfortunately, Illirin isn’t the only world in danger of oppression. Nor’s pet wizard, Matt, has issued an insane ultimatum to Earth’s world leaders. Now Gabe and Lea are running out of time. Again. 

For the past three months, Gabe has taken refuge on Earth with Lea. He’s broken and grieving, but he’s got to pull himself together to save those he left behind. Meanwhile, Lea prays Merlin’s prophecy of becoming powerful will come true. She’s busted her butt practicing her newfound magic. Too bad for her, she still sucks at it. Matt has had a lifetime to master his gift, and she’s fated to face him? Merlin must’ve made a mistake. 

Together, Gabe and Lea go to Illirin hoping to locate help, but the Winged survivors won’t aid Gabe, who they hold responsible for their losses. While short on friends and adding new enemies, Gabe and Lea must find a way to defeat Nor and stop Matt’s plan. Failure could mean being torn apart, the Winged hunted to extinction, and Earth at the mercy of a wizard bent on domination.


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I read this book for The Twisted Book Curmudgeon and give it five stars.   

This series is a lot of fun to read with its action packed page turning adventures and romance too.  The author has once again reminded me why I love to read her stories. 

This is a fantasy adventure story with the themes of love, family and tolerance for those who are different.  It takes place on Earth and another world, Illirin.  

Lea, the lead character, finds she is not just a brilliant and strong young woman, but also a sorceress.  

Gabe is the leading man. His role is not domineering, but compassionate.   Don't get me wrong he is very courageous, and a talented fighter, but he is not an over the top alpha.

All the characters have a good and bad side, which makes them enjoyable to read about. 

In Unity, the Earth is in peril and Illirin is in turmoil.  It is up to both Earthlings and Illirinains to band together to save both worlds.  

The twists in the story are wonderful. I just needed to know what would happen next.  The book is the second in the series and while I would recommend reading book one, it is not needed to understand the story line, nor the connections between the characters. 



“How bad have things gotten, that you’d flee to Earth?” Gabe asked.
Arronn paced in place with restless hooves. “Because we sided with the Winged, Emperor Nor oppressed us more than the others. He taxed us into poverty, and his men steal the majority of the food our farmers have grown. In the cities, we starve because prices have soared, and in the country, the supplies have been choked off.” He sighed. “The smart ones left right away, before Emperor Nor spread soldiers into the smaller towns to enforce his laws. We had to wait till Annin was steadier on his feet and could run.”
The boy’s mother set him down, and he sat his rump on the blanket piled over the ice.
Each time Arronn said Emperor Nor, Gabe ground his teeth. An emperor leads people, and that bastard was anything but a leader. He was a tyrant. Illirin didn’t deserve to live under Nor.
“I’m so sorry,” he said.
The Legged blinked. “Thank you for your sympathy, but you must have it worse than us.”
But it’s my fault. If Arronn had recognized him, would he place blame? Without him, Nor wouldn’t have gotten the Stand. Without him, none of it would have happened. They wouldn’t have had to name the Razing.
“We should be on our way. We’ve only a few hours till dawn,” Arronn said as he got the kids ready to head out.
“May the wind be to your back,” Gabe offered them luck. They’d need it.
Arronn gripped Gabe’s forearm and shook again. “And may your paths be solid and sure.”
So, Arronn thought Gabe needed luck, too. He had plenty of luck, the bad kind.


Laura is the author of the Illirin series of YA urban fantasy books, SCHISM and UNITY. She has an MA in Technical writing and is a Senior Editor at Anaiah Press for their YA/NA Christian Fiction.
Her gamer husband and amazing daughter give support and inspiration every day. Their cats, Talyn and Moya, provide entertainment through living room battles and phantom-dust-mote hunting. Somehow, they all manage to survive living in Texas where it is hotter than any human being should have to endure. You can find updates about writing and the random stuff in her life on her blog or follow her on twitter @MaisanoLaura. If you’re more interested in just the professional angle, check out her website


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