Friday, June 3, 2016

New Review! Rogue Agent by Kellie Wallace, 3.5 Cranky Stars

Rogue AgentRogue Agent by Kellie Wallace
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3.5 Cranky Stars ***

The story is set in the future where technology had progressed even further and portals had been found to aid in travels from one place to the other. Humans had remained the same, always wanting more but now given different toys to play with. Drugs are deadlier, crimes were more severe. And there’s a group of guns for hire who eliminate criminals, murderers, etc. They are kinda like your futuristic version of crusaders for justice, only they are for hire, only whispered about in certain circles and very expensive.

Our main man Seth is one of the best assassins in the group and his boss was eyeing him to go up to a more exclusive cluster of trained killers who tackle “sensitive” targets. Only problem was, Seth wanted an out and hoped for a better life. He started questioning his actions and a seed of conscience grew in his heart.

To make matters worse, he fell in love with his mark and went on the run with her (though he didn’t fall in love with her straight away, he just couldn’t kill her and he didn’t know why).
And so, the chase began to stay alive.

I’m an action movie buff and throughout the book I saw several different scenes rolled into this one. I have no problem with that and it was quite entertaining placing a film to the scene unfolding in front of me. The book definitely delivered on the action sequence and the pace moved well.

Several things bothered me though. One: the cover didn’t match the main characters in the book. Two: Seth was supposed to be the best assassin. Yes, he delivered on the action business but man, was he looking at life through rose-colored glasses! He loved a girl, looked after his aging dad and dreamed of a better life in a future he’d been planning on. He trusted his friends and believed in people. Which are fine qualities in a man, just not “the best assassin” type in my imagination.

Also, I found the plot wanting. I read the book within hours because I kept hoping it would pick up. It had so much promise! I longed for “the twist” to make it all worthwhile. When the twist came, I was like: hang on, if that changed, why didn’t the others change?

It’s not all bad though. The writing was very good, the world building was great, the pace kept me going so much so that I finished it in one sitting.

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