Friday, June 17, 2016

New Review! Weightless by Kandi Steiner, 5 Cranky Stars

WeightlessWeightless by Kandi Steiner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 cranky stars *****

Kandi Steiner definitely stepped up and delivered in this emotionally charged book. Her sensitivity to harsh subjects and real fears amazed me. This is one author everyone should follow. Natalie Poxton, princess of Poxton Beach just had her heart broken. She has never been the skinny Barbie nor has she wanted too. In fact, until Mason broke her heart she never actually looked in the mirror. Now she finds herself questioning everything. When she sees her ex with his new Barbie and is shamed by her she loses it. Body shame is real and most people have experienced it in one way or another. The emotions brought out of me by going through Natalie's experiences with her floored me. Natalie is a fighter. She's fierce and loyal and loves with her whole heart. There's so much going on in this book that I found it hard to put down. The suspense is amazing and the storyline is captivating. What happens is completely unexpected. This is a book that I look forward to reading again and again. Do yourself a favor and one-click your copy today. View all my reviews

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