Monday, July 11, 2016


 Fighting the Dark 
By Kassidy Carter


Desperate to escape her past…

Rylee Smith spends her days behind a computer. She hides away in her home diligently working to make her next deadline. Escaping her father’s grasp keeps her motivated. Being an author doesn’t leave a lot of time for a social life. If it wasn’t for her -- nagging, yet loving -- best friend she wouldn’t see beyond the walls around her and the screen.

Determined to prove himself…

Mason Carlson hasn’t had the easiest life. Growing up with a tyrant for a father and a brother just as demented, he struggles to find his place within the family. He was given one assignment. Watch her and wait for further instructions. Mason never expected to become attached to her. He never expected that her screams would cause him such pain.

Dedicated to righting the wrong…

When secrets are exposed, Mason realizes everything he thought to be true is lie. It will take everything in him to right those he has wronged. Everything he has to set her free. And to find a way to Fight the Darkness.
*Recommend for 18+ due to Violence, language, and adult situations.


5 cranky stars

The title of this book says it all. While reading you will find that fighting the darkness is exactly what you, as the reader, are doing. I was completely captivated by Kassidy Carters story telling and will be recommending this book to everyone.
Rylee Smith keeps to herself. Always trying to stay one step ahead of her gambling father. She has one friend who keeps her grounded and her writing that allows her to work from anywhere.
Mason Carlson's life is a test in resilience. As a young boy he lost the only light in his life. Now surrounded by his tyrant father, crazy brother and the hired goons his life is anything but sunshine and rainbows until her.
This story will piss you off and make you cry. It will tear your emotions to shreds then slowly put them back together. It's one exhilarating roller-coaster ride that you don't want to miss.

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About the Author

Kassidy Carter lives in Florida with her Husband and two daughters. You can normally find a book in her hands or doing activities with her daughters. She has a passion for reading and will read just about anything. Her favorite kind of stories to read are one's with happy endings. She has always wanted to write, but the fear of getting started and not being good enough has stopped her...until now.

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