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New Review! Blame it on the Onesie by C.J. Morrow, 5 Cranky Stars

Blame it on the Onesie: A romantic comedy about work, water and wineBlame it on the Onesie: A romantic comedy about work, water and wine by C.J. Morrow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

This is a sweet story of romance and mystery and even a bit of the supernatural thrown in. The twists and turns were enough to keep the reader interested without becoming bewildered. The fact that all the characters were interconnected to form stepping stones for Ella, the main character, also made for an interesting plot. I loved the author’s use of hints to resolve Ella’s problems and new found responsibility.

The main character, Ella, seemed so real. I loved that her boss was a nitwit. I loved the situational comedy. I mean who hasn’t been a mess and met the cute guy or gal in their apartment complex, but when you’re dressed up…no one. I was rooting for her the entire story. I was so happy she was able to see a closure to her problems. Many people never get to see karma in action.

All the characters were memorable, but it was Walt that really was just such a loveable character. I loved the way he spoke and how he was like the dad Ella never had. The villagers seemed to have inside joke that they all shared, but never actually announce to Ella.

Although by the end of the book, Ella seemed to know the villager’s and the spring’s secret. The spring under the cottage was like a character, which pegged the integrity of everyone like an over protective dog.

The description of the cottage in the village was so prefect I could see it in detail. The village was so real I was reminded of my granny’s town in Scotland right down to the old fashion public bathrooms.

The author even added the short story that this book was based on. It helped me understand where certain events in the story came from and made me hope that there will be more to the story.

I want to know about Ella’s mom and dad, her aunt and uncle and the other villagers. What were the past owners like? What happens in the future?

You know it is a great story when the reader is sad to see the story end.

I love this author.

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