Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Review! Finding Us by Debra Presley, 4 Cranky Stars

Finding Us (A Nucci Securities Novel, #1)Finding Us by Debra Presley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 cranky guitars for this rockstar romance.

Abby has been raised to be a star, her mother has insisted on nothing less. Her mother is the ultimate stage mom, and certainly more about the almighty dollar and fame than she is about her daughter's well being. Thank goodness Abby has the talent to fulfill all of her mom's dreams!

Mom has also decided Sean is the perfect boyfriend for Abby, and the perfect guitarist for her band. Abby isn't happy that Sean is a total manwhore stereotypical rockstar? Too bad, mom tells her she needs to tough it out. Without going into spoiler territory, Mom and Sean both have much more terrifying behaviors for Abby to worry about.

Thank goodness Abby has a couple of people truly on her side, her assistant Sophie, and one of her bodyguards, Danny. Mommie Dearest and Sean may not be thrilled but this, particularly with Danny, but they are the only hope Abby has of keeping her sanity. And maybe Abby has a tiny little crush on Danny. But he is paid to care about her, right?

The fallout when she steps up to Sean is a pretty good thrill ride. Standing up to Mommies Dearest was necessary without a doubt, but in my opinion could have been a bit more dramatic (I am cranky, remember?)

The aftermath may be a bit predictable (and I may be a bit jaded) but it pulls off a pretty decent HEA romance, with some good steamy bits thrown in as well - those make it recommended for mature audiences only.

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