Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Review! Conduit by Angie Martin

ConduitConduit by Angie Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4 Cranky Stars ****

A psychic serial killer, murdered and missing women with seemingly no connection, two police offers, and two private investigators, collide in Conduit.

Emily Monroe, private investigator, hides her psychic gifts from the outside world, using them to resolve cases. When the body count keeps rising in the serial killer case, Emily and her best friend/colleague, Cassie Read, are approached by Police to help catch the murderer before he kills again.

As events unfold, there is a link: psychic phenomena and Emily. She is up against someone with the same abilities as her and has to find a way to stop him without losing herself to the killer.

Enter: Jake, a man with similar gifts to Emily and David. He provides the counterbalance to the darkness threatening to envelop Emily and after an inauspicious start to their relationship, proves he’s a man with the gift of courage.

I’m sure Conduit will appeal to fans of Patricia Cornwell. It opens in the mind of David, the serial killer. It’s also quite gruesome in parts, so be warned, and procedural in others, providing a solid foundation on which the story is oriented.

Emily’s backstory was revealed in layers and this reader longed for more information on her psychic gifts and familial history.

I thoroughly enjoy a good suspense and Conduit kept me interested, but not riveted. I like to put my wits against the author and try to decipher the plot from hints or clues. The reader was very much aware of how this story unfolds and I could predict events right up until the conclusion.

There were also parts in the book that made me groan in frustration. I questioned the intelligence of some of the characters even though it’s reinforced they are smart and talented people. I admit it. I find it disappointing when intelligent people act the opposite and this goes double when they are trained professionals in the art of investigation.

In saying that, I did enjoy this work and will be following on in the series.

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