Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Review! Rise from Ash by Michelle Irwin, 5 Cranky Stars

Rise from Ash (Daughter of Fire #2)Rise from Ash by Michelle Irwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Daughter of Fire series. The romantic theme of star crossed lovers shines in this book too. Book one introduced the characters and set the mindset and book two picked up at the moment left off in book one.

Evie, a young girl on her own has to deal with the guilt she felt in the wake of death that seems to follow her and the real threat of a group of killers, The Rain, bent on her demise. She is in love with Clay, but he now wants her dead too.

She is a strong female character, who is very clever. Clay is a well trained member of the Rain which his family has been a part of for generations. The Rain sees non humans as beasts to be killed so the earth would be safe for humans. How did she every think she could live a fairytale, happily ever after life?

I am smitten with these characters and this action packed plot. The discrimination and the ideology of the Rain toward any paranormal being without knowing their intention makes for a compelling story sadly poignant to the current events and past evils. The story is in first person through Evie's point of view, but the author weaves the story so well that even the bad guys have a mindset that makes for many well rounded characters. True to life, all the characters are part "monster". The reader is given a few more pieces of Clay and Evie's mysterious lives, but like any good series there are something's yet to be explained.

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