Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Review! The Forgotten by Jennifer Sivec, 4 Cranky Stars

The Forgotten (The Lost Children #1)The Forgotten by Jennifer Sivec
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4 Cranky Stars ****

The story is set on a fantastical world in the land of Tamaryn which was led by the Governor, Will, and his warrior wife, Governess Emilie.

The couple were loved by their People, the land was abundant in crops and peace reigned throughout.

Their children were happily growing and the eldest, Jakob, was being trained to be the next Governor. Even the People’s age-old enemy, the Ubilez, were nowhere to be seen nor sensed by their Seekers. Nothing seemed to capable in standing against the harmony in this land.

Until a Yashwa, a mystical creature, fell in love with the Governor and took it upon herself to set the wheels into motion to claim what she thought was rightfully hers. Will’s love and affection. Kyla made a pact with the Ubilez in order to turn her into a human in exchange for The One sacrifice.

This upset the balance and set off a tide of events that started the destruction of Tamaryn. The children were lost and forgotten, the warrior was banished and the land and its People were slowly disintegrating.

When I started reading, I was initially confused by how the story was laid out. There were no time stamps to warn me of a huge jump in time, like in one chapter Emilie was nine years old then the one right after, she’s married and had given birth to three children. Also, there were several POVs throughout the book as well as head-hopping in the same scene and chapter.

Having said that, the writing was quite good and the plot was unique. The pacing of the story flowed well and the characters were well developed. The plight of the children kept me glued to the book as I followed their adventure in the forsaken land.

There were a few references to a couple of popular books in the current market making me wish the author had used different names or terminologies to make her story completely unique.

However, overall, The Forgotten was an engaging read. Well done Ms Sivec to your foray into the world of fantasy/paranormal.

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