Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Author Spotlight! Mason Sabre - Exile (Coming Soon)

Exile: A Society Book (no release date or blurb, coming soon)
Snippets from Exile
**Destination Exile, execution, and then the main parade of yet another Other dead for the Humans to drink, cheer and relish in their own sickening stench of humanity. How fantastic for them. He hoped that his body melted in such a way when he was executed that the stench would stay in their nasal cavities for a few hours, but that the image of his insides pouring out would stay with them for years to come. The wondrous mental impressions of Stephen Davies. He tsked in his mind. Nick Mason—he hadn't had time to become accustomed to his new identity yet. His father’s desperate attempt to save his life. What a fuck-up that turned out to be.

**Stephen didn’t want to hurt her as he held her, the frailty of her bones making him cautious. There was no weight to her. She leaned her head against his shoulder, and he raised a hand to stroke her hair as he stared at the empty shell she had left on the floor in the corner. Small and broken, she had no need for it any longer.
Stephen closed his eyes. It was her time. Her pain was gone, her suffering over. “It’s okay for you to go now,” he said quietly as he held her close.
“I’m with you.”

**Something moved in the far corner of the cell. Stephen leaned forward to get a better look. On the ground, where he had just crawled from, lay the pitiful remnants of a small child. The tiny body lay in the dirt, dark curls of hair covering her dirt-smeared face. Her eyes were open and she watched Stephen, every ounce of pain that she had endured reflected in them.

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