Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Review! Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas, 5 Cranky Stars

Punk 57Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

You kissed my hair while sticking me in the heart.
But your house will break before I fall apart.

A day and a half was all it took for me to fall in love with this book. Of course Penelope Douglas always makes me fall in love and look into my self. For the first few chapters I despised Ryen. She was a mean girl but with a good heart buried under all her cynicism and barbed words.

In elementary school Misha and Ryen are chosen as pen pals from separate schools. Teachers got the names confused and thus started a years long friendship. Ryen never wanted to meet Misha, despite him living in the next town over, for fear of hating who he was and ruining their fairytale. Boy were they right.

Ryen was a girl who needed to be accepted and loved. Maybe it stemmed from her childhood or just a flaw in her character. She thought a 100 people sort of fearing her and admiring her was better than having a few true friends. The only time she was ever herself was in her letters to her pen pal Misha.

Oh Misha be still my heart with your tattoos and lip ring. He wrote her back maybe not as often but she was his one constant in his crazy life. He crafted beautiful lyrics to her words. She was his muse. He felt he never measured up and that he couldn't be himself considering who his family was. Then one day his letters stopped. This is their journey. Their explosion. Ryen has epic secrets and Misha is lost and seeking answers.

This book makes me want to sit my kids down for a stern talking to. I want to know if they ever acted like Ryen or know a Ryen. Please don't be earlier in the story Ryen. This book is about love and finding your one true self. You'll love all of Punk's messages through out the book. There is only one you be the best possible you. Rock it!!

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