Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Review! Chemistry by C.L. Lynch, 5 Cranky Stars

ChemistryChemistry by C.L. Lynch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 Cranky Stars ****

This one couldn’t have arrived in my kindle on a more perfect timing! One: I was in a book funk and everything I’ve been reading had been mediocre at best. Two: I was addicted to The Walking Dead TV series. Three: I was in need of a good laugh.

Stella Blunt is a seventeen-year-old out-spoken teenager who had been forced to move to a completely different country and (worse!) a new high school in the middle of the school year in order for her mom to have her dream job. True to her surname, Stella is BLUNT in freaking capitals! If I could write this entire review in big capitals, I still think I wouldn’t have given Stella justice.

At first, I didn’t like her I have to admit. But I think it’s more to do with my personality than the story itself. I’m not one to swear out-loud and when I do, it would be because I was beyond angry. So for me to fall in love with a book with the heroine with swear words leaking out of her ears is nothing short of a miracle.

And that miracle is called Howie.

Howie is the high school zombie who fell in love with our unlikely heroine who made me fall in love with practically everyone in the story despite his almost robotic way of speaking and occasional lurching gait. As long as he’s had his daily brain rations, he’s good to go!

Stella is not your typical book girlfriend. She’s plus size and had suffered and triumphed over her bullies in her previous school. You can’t really blame her for acting out when that well-earned comfort/safe zone had been yanked out from under her with the move. Once again she has to face bullies, just now with a different accent. To make it worse, the biggest school nerd started drooling all over her!

I giggled, cringed and swooned over Howie throughout the book. I settled down to a nice young adult read then to my pleasant surprise, exciting things started to happen! BHAM! I was thrown into a zombie apocalypse. But this time, I was siding with the Team Zombie. What a twist of fate!

Suffice to say I really REALLY enjoyed this book. Plus, it gave me a heartbreaking peek of Howie’s story in book 2, History, which I can predict now, would make me ugly-cry!

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