Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Review! Dangerous Hearts by K.K. Allen

Dangerous HeartsDangerous Hearts by K.K. Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4.5 Cranky Stars ****

This book contains two things I love K.K. Allen and rock stars. I devour rock star books even though most follow the same vein. While K.K. Allen followed that vein she branched off and made the genre her own.

Lyric is the daughter of two famous types. Music is in her blood but she keeps her secret on the down low from the world. She submerges herself into music in other ways. Mainly by working her way up to tour manager at a prestigious firm. After a devastating, or maybe not so devastating breakup, she jumps at the chance to manage Wolf. To her all rockers are the same women using self worshiping pricks so she has no issues with ever being attracted to him.

Wolf is a rocker through and through except the drug use. Ladies throw themselves at him and he takes it. He never wants to have a relationship because love always leads to heartache. Wolf and the band are all set to take on America with a tour and a new tour manager is called in. He doesn't care that Lyric is a woman or has a famous past all he sees is her hard work ethic. Tensions mount between the two and they are in for a wild ride.

I say this book went a different route than most rock start books because at his core Wolf was a guy with a big heart with a sad past. I loved that he wasn't typical he was his own person. Lyric could get annoying at times I'll admit that. She played the victim from time to time and I just wanted her to own up to everything. Your past is your past Lyric learn from it!!

This book left me with such mixed emotions and I don't know how I'll hold out waiting for the next book. Is it summer of 2017 yet?

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