Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Review! Hard Lessons by Charlotte West 4 Cranky Stars

Hard Lessons (Wild Minds, #2)Hard Lessons by Charlotte West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Hard Lessons takes us back. It's the prequel to Good Lies. Here we see the story of Billy (not idol) and Daisy and how they became a couple. We also get to see young Addy and her crazy childhood ways.

Daisy is searching for the perfect teaching position. Unfortunately she has to settle as the nanny for an out of control rockers equally out of control daughter. Daisy was raised in a strict military household and her mother passed away at a young age. While on the road she learns how to manage the Wanks and all the mess that comes with being in their life. What Daisy didn't bargain for was falling for her wild boss.

Billy basically thinks the world revolves around him. He says he probably shouldn't have ever been a father but cant imagine a life without Addy in it. He is a gypsy at heart and will never settle in one place so he drags Addy from coast to coast. He hires Daisy or as he calls her Flower and his world implodes. They are a lit match and dynamite and he loves that Daisy won't put up with his demanding ways.

Once I got past the whole not Billy Idol situation this book was good. I hated that Daisy was such a doormat at times but I believe that is just her personality. She's a helper and fixer by nature. This going back in time was done well and tied into the last book nicely. All in love I like Charlotte West work.

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