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New Review! Tears of the Fallen by K.M. Hager 3 Cranky Stars

Tears of the Fallen (Tears of the Fallen #1)Tears of the Fallen by K.M. Hager

3 Cranky Stars

Amy Coleman, a very emotional and naïve main character. She starts the book with a horrible tragedy that leaves her near death. I found myself turn off from Amy as a lead female in this debut novel right away. I had a hard time relating to her in any way. She was very spoiled, childish, and just one big dramatic prima donna. Literally throwing fits by falling to the floor and crying on more than one occasion. I found it hard to relate to as a strong female lead. She wasn’t strong mentally or physically. She was actually very weak through the whole book until the final chapters where suddenly she had an epiphany and within a matter of seconds was an all-powerful Nephilim. It was a tad unrealistic.

My biggest thing with Amy was how a selfish alcoholic that literally throws temper tantrums suddenly becomes clean and is a mother to a son she never knew of, but yet she can’t control her own emotions long enough to not run out into a street to be run over by a car, or freak out crying and throwing a fit because someone didn’t tell her the whole truth. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand being upset but this girl does not stop freaking crying. Someone get her a dang happy pill. I would have preferred to see her as a stronger female lead or even develop into a stronger one in time with the proper development and context to go with it.

Stephan and Michael, the cliché love triangle. She denies her feelings for one and throws herself into the arms of the other because of her denied feelings. No real surprise there. Both men are… wait for it…. drop dead sexy angels who are both pinning over a highly dramatic, depressed, alcoholic Nephilim. I don’t get it.

The sad thing with this story is that the concept of the plot is great. Its execution was poor. It was too rushed and there was no real development with any of the characters or their relationships together. There was a lot of telling and not enough showing. There were random character thrown into the mix, but no backstory to them. Just a telling upon their appearance and an assumption that they had relationships with the main lead characters. It was just lacking in all kinds of plot development, details, character relationships, etc. There was no real build up to the scenarios that took place. It was just too rushed and choppy.

By the way, whatever happened to her mom? She got long forgotten about after her sudden illness and Amy trying to rush to her to help her. Mom got forgotten along the way and suddenly the big battles ensue. Poor mommy dearest.

I give it a 3 out of 5 stars. I only finished it out of curiosity. It doesn’t interest me enough to continue the series.

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