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New Review! The Evolution of Us (Us #2) by d. Nichole King 5 Cranky Stars

The Evolution of Us (Us #2)The Evolution of Us by D. Nichole King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

When I was presented the opportunity to read The Evolution of Us I knew I had to read The Story of Us and let me tell you I was sad to see both books end. I read book one in a day and book two in a day and a half. I mean who knew you had to feed kids every day and do dishes? I never said I was winning mom of the year over here I wanted to be lost in the story of Finley so bad.

Finley is charismatic and lively, and she is a loyal to those who count. Little do we know that it’s all an act of don’t put your trust in anyone and certainly don’t love anyone in that all-consuming way. She is working a job she hates, still healing over the loss of Jake and eating PB and pickle sandwiches with her pet pig. She is just going through the motions and not really living, and she has herself convinced this is a good life. She doesn’t expect to run into Jake again or grow into something more with Ty her coworker who brings her amazing coffee at work.

Jake doesn’t expect his insurance adjuster to be the wild girl who stole his heart 2 years ago on a beach in Cancun. He sees Finley and starts to question his life. His fiancĂ©e has changed into someone he doesn’t know, and he feels his life is being run by his future mother in law. He doesn’t expect to strike up a friendship with Finley but, yet his feelings go way beyond that.

Ty is Fins coworker. He slowly but surely gets into Finleys good graces. He plys her with coffee and eventually his amazing homecooked meals. He has always admired her from a distance and little does he realize they are kindred spirits. Ty has high hopes that one day Fin will choose him and see her self-worth.

This book is a journey. A journey to facing your fears and tackling what is holding you back. I like Finley she is as real as it gets. We’ve all at some point in our life did the whole fake it till you make it routine. I really didn’t think that was why Fin was the way she was so that was kind of a shock to me. Letting go of your first love is hard even harder when you have issues like Finley. I loved Ty. How he worked his way into her life in bits and pieces he is book boyfriend material. He had such ambition and wanted Fin to see that in herself. He truly was a saving grace. I was so sad when it was over, but my heart was happy for all the key players in this book. Read this series!! Read it! You’ll even get to see Ali and Mav.

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