Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Review! Angry Annie by Dawn L. Chiletz 5 Cranky Stars

Angry AnnieAngry Annie by Dawn L. Chiletz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

A dear friend said you need to read this book she reminds me of you and another mutual friend we have. I dived in not knowing what it was about, and boy am I glad I did. I want to be Angry Annie when I grow up but for now I’ll be happy in knowing I’m very much like Jos a cactus on the outside but mushy on the inside. Loud, speak my mind and can sprout out the sexual innuendos so hard you’ll need a cigarette or maybe a sandwich. Who am I to judge you?

Jos is a fact checker for a reporter, but she wants to be a reporter so much more. When a nasty review comes up for her sister’s bakery that even isn’t open yet Jos decides that she is going to expose this internet troll once and for all. What ensues is meeting a very gruff woman, sizing up the lawn mowing neighbor, a blind cat named Stupid and some serious life lessons. She doesn’t expect Annie to be so foul and loud and out of the universe bold but underneath all that gruff is so much heart.

Rhode is that lawn mowing neighbor. He takes care of Annie despite all the names she calls him because to him she is family. Rhode is very old fashion after having a relationship based on sex he wants to woo the right girl and he has his sights set on Jos. He is not quite sure about her at first. He’s not used to women being so honest and brash. He falls hard but it’s not without heartache.

This book gave us a different view of the internet troll. We always see these nasty reviews for things and they have never used a product or read a book. You just assume they are mean nasty people who hate their life but with Annie we see what if there is something hidden inside that person as to why they do it.

This book taught us that who we portray on the outside isn’t who we really are on the inside. Everyone has a story to tell. You find love in the oddest of places and you make friends with people you thought would never be your friend. This book is hilarious and heartwarming. It made me laugh and it made me swoon. I’m just glad Jos is getting her kitty pet by Rhode. Maybe she can pull his weed while they are there. Wink wink!

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